terça-feira, 11 de julho, 2017

Aramco see scarcity of oil supply with falling investments and discoveries

ISTANBUL-the world may be heading for a shortage in the supply of oil due to the decline in investments and new discoveries of conventional wells, said the Chief Executive of Saudi Aramco on Monday. The unconventional shale oil and other alternative energy resources are an important factor to meet future demand, but it is premature to assume that these resources can be developed quickly to replace the oil and gas, said Amin Nasser at a Conference in Istanbul. "If you look at the long term situation of oil stocks, the scenario is becoming more and more worrying" evaluated. "The financial investors are moving away from making big investments needed for oil exploration, development of long term and related infrastructure," added the Chief Executive of Saudi Aramco. About of 1 trillion dollars in investments have already been lost from the decline in oil prices, from 2014. Studies show that 20 million barrels of oil per day will be needed to meet growing demand and compensate for the natural production decline over the next five years, designed to Nasser. The giant Aramco, which is preparing to negotiate 5% of your capital in an initial public offering of shares (IPO) next year, continues to invest to keep your production capacity to 12 million barrels per day. "we plan to invest more than 300 billion dollars over the next decade to strengthen our position," said Nasser.
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