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Dollar extends loss and fell 0.59%

The dollar extended losses in the session last Friday, following the weakening abroad, after the Federal Reserve (Fed) of Minneapolis said to be against the increase in u.s. interest rates until inflation be closer to 2%. The currency closed at a low of 0.59%, to R $3.1342. The American currency was already in decline since early in the midst of data below the expected from the U.S. economy and oil recovery – which had the biggest weekly gain of the year. According to a manager of table of derivatives, the dollar started to weaken further after the speech of the head of the institution. He also highlighted that the Brazil risk measured by contract of credit default swap (CDS) of five years was pushed back around 0.30%, to 214.134 points, "which is considerable for a weekend and back parliamentary recess next week. In addition, according to the operator the broker h. Commcor, Cleber Alessie Machado Neto, the dollar out there has shown weakness amid the loss of governability of the U.S. President. Financial turning $ $1.82 billion won. In the slightest, the coin was in R $3.1328 (-0.63%) and, to the maximum, to R $3.1602 (+ 0.23%). Last week, the U.S. currency registered a fall of 0.26%. In the futures market, the dollar fell 0.68 percent for August, the R $3.1335 the busy daily volume totaled $ $12.89 billion. During the trading session, the currency fluctuated from R $3.1330 (-0.69%) the R $3.1610 (+ 0.19%). The Bovespa index, for your time, found space in last Friday for a discreet high, after a whole day prowling the stability. After falling to 0.50 percent in the morning, reversed the trend and finished the session high of 0.34%, to 65,497.12 points, the maximum of the day with it, ended the week with accumulated gain of 1.26%. On the international scene, high oil prices returned to positive factor, boosting shares of Petrobras, which rose 0.22% and 1.00% (PN). Commodity futures contracts had the biggest percentage gain in the week since December last year. The roles of Vale, for your time, have shown gains of 2.15% (ON) and 2.05% (PNA), despite the low prices of iron ore and high discrete their peers abroad. The financial sector had divergent directions, with Santander the highlight of fall (-1.80%) and Bradesco ON as featured high (+1.02%)./
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