quarta-feira, 05 de julho, 2017

Dollar has high light, with low volume and watch the political scene

São Paulo – the dollar closed Tuesday with mild high before the real, a low trading liquidity due to holiday in the United States and with investors cautious before the troubled domestic political scene. At 17:00, the dollar rallied 0,15%, real 3.3102 on sale, after fluctuating between 3.2990 and minimum in real 3.3115 to the maximum. The future dollar operated with high of about 0,20% in the late afternoon. "The market monitored the local political scene, in session day emptied," said the Manager of the Bank''s Exchange Ourinvest, Bruno Foresti. U.s. financial markets were closed in this session because of the July 4 holiday, taking investors important references and limiting the volume of business. In the infield, the political scene continued as the protagonist, with the market waiting for new developments relating to the progress of reforms in Congress. There was no expectation of a vote in this session, the Senate, the urgent request of the labor reform, which will be a demonstration of political strength of President Michel Temer, indicted for corruption crime after information of J&F Group executives the day before, the market breathed a little more relieved after the former Fear and former Rodrigo Rocha Loures (PMDB-PR) leave the remand , albeit with restrictions, and Senator Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG), an ally of the current Government, have received the go ahead to return to your activities. However, in the late afternoon of Monday, the arrest of former Minister Geddel Vieira Lima came back to put more pressure on the mood, with fears that this can harm even more the Fear defense. Overseas, the dollar rose against currencies of emerging countries, as Chilean peso, and the Turkish lira, and had slight high before a basket of hard currencies. The Brazilian Central Bank did not announce any intervention in the foreign exchange market for this session. In August, 6.181 win billions of dollars in traditional foreign exchange swap – equivalent to the future sale of dollars.
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