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Fiat Chrysler invests R $15 mi in parts distribution center in Hortolândia

Hortolândia (SP)-Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) invested through Mopar, parts, accessories and after sales of the group, R $15,000,000 in a new distribution center in Hortolândia (SP). The goal is to reduce by 34% the delivery time to dealers. "We want to have a more efficient operation in terms of cost and deliver faster parts for customers", said yesterday the Director of Mopar for Latin America, Francesco Abbruzzessi, during official opening of the unit. The new operation in Hortolândia moves of 2 million pieces per month and serves about 400 of the 700 dealers of Fiat, Jeep and Chrysler in the country. "By the end of the year, we should achieve the goal to deliver 80% of orders within 24 hours in eight States we serve", says the Executive. According to him, the delivery time of the pieces fell from an average of 4.3 days to 2 days. "We''re among the best market practices," Abbruzzessi, adding that currently "Mopar''s portfolio is the most complete of the market". The unit of Hortolândia includes parts and accessories for cars that are produced and marketed in the country, as well as those that have already been manufactured, but are still in circulation. Previously, the group distributed through parts distribution center in Betim (MG) and of an operation in Louveira (SP). But from now on all logistics will be made both by the CD as miner of Hortolândia. "The distribution of parts will be made in volumes almost identical between the two operations," according to Abbruzzessi. The choice of the city of Hortolândia, according to Mopar, is your strategic location, near important highways and airports, since the Country is by road and air transportation. With the opening of distribution center, you will generate 300 direct and indirect jobs. The logistics management will have a partnership with DHL, one of the global leaders in the sector. About 340 of suppliers meet the Mopar in Hortolândia, including parts of the own group companies FCA, such as Magneti Marelli. According to Abbruzzessi, nearly all manufacturers are local. "The FCA group has the most content index location in Brazil," says he. According to the company, the Mopar auto parts manufacturer evolved to encompass technical assistance and customer service. Before belonging to Chrysler, the company now serves owners of vehicles of all brands of FCA group in the world. As the Executive, the Mopar brand can add value to the piece at the time of sale at the dealership. "When the customer wants a genuine piece, he can rely on the Mopar", he assures us. Alternative for about two months, the Mopar launched the line Classic Line, which offers products with a reduced cost to customers of the brand Fiat, geared mainly for those who are no longer in the vehicle warranty period. According to the company, about 80% of the stock of Fiat models already has over three years of use, representing approximately 7 million vehicles. "Especially in this time of crisis, the dealer will have a higher cost alternative to offer the customer," he says. He adds that, in times of economic downturn, the customer tends to be more conservative in the moment of choice of spare parts. "The Classic Line products have no distinction of freight quality genuine parts." However, the Director of Mopar show optimistic. "The after sales business is more stable because it comes from the fleet stock, which in Brazil is very large." Abbruzzessi he also stresses that by the end of next year the distribution center of Betim also must complete a new investment for modernization. "The idea is that the Mopar group growth track and improve their operations."
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