segunda-feira, 21 de agosto, 2017

Average price of gasoline back up and reaches R $3.762 per litre, says NPA

The average price of gasoline back to rise this week, after having fallen in the previous seven days, according to figures released this Friday (18) by the national petroleum Agency (ANP). According to the survey, the liter of fuel was 0.1% more expensive, from R to R $3.758 $3.762. This week, Petrobras reduced the price of fuel in refineries. For petrol, the fall was 3.86% and for diesel, 0.54%. The transfer or not the consumer is at the discretion of the posts. The price of gasoline was falling trajectory since May. The trend reversed after the Government announced an increase of PIS and Cofins on fuels, a measure to increase the tax collection. Ethanol and diesel While the price of gas went up, the diesel had a soft spot for the final consumer. The amount charged per litre, which was in R $3.098, went to 3.095, 0.09% drop. Ethanol also became more expensive. The price per litre was R $2.594 to 2.613, high of 0.73%.
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