quarta-feira, 16 de agosto, 2017

Bahia: cocoa receipts are the smallest since 2014

In July, the Brazilian cocoa grindings amounted to 298,523 bags, or 17,911.4 tons. The number is slightly higher than the registered in the same month last year: 274,022 sc = 16,441, 3t. The information is from market analyst and expert on commodity cocoa, Thomas Hartman. Weekly receipts Of 31 July to 06 August, receipts totaled Bahia cocoa sacks 28,272, against the other producer States 38,089. The Brazilian was 66,361 total sacks. 15/16 harvest, the receipts of the week under review totaled 49,232 in Bahia and other States 35,336. In this period, the numbers of Bahia were much smaller than in the 14/15, when receipts totaled 80,826 bags. Of other States had been received 30,336 sacks. The comparative receipts of Bahia this harvest 17/18 totaling 360,865 bags. The remaining producers, 365,783. Cumulative total: 726,648. Whereas the imported Brazilian 522,598 receipts this year have come to 1,249,246 bags of cocoa. 16/17 harvest, the Bahia earned amounted to 1,580,767. Of the other States, 841,847. Total: 2,422,714, numbers that have made unnecessary imports. In 15/16, the cumulative total of Bahia came to 455,170, against 175,495 of other producer States. 264,171 bags of cocoa were imported. In 14/15, Bahia was earned in 1,168,857 and of other States in 489,569. There were no imports in this period.
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