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Brazil does not sell chicken meat to China at a price lower than the market, says ABPA

The Brazil doesn''t sell chicken meat to China below market prices, said on Friday (18) the President of the Brazilian Association of Animal protein (ABPA), Francisco Turra, after the Chinese open an anti-dumping investigation related to the country. The President of the ABPA, which represents producers and exporters of chicken and pigs, also said that the industry has not yet been notified about the investigation. China on Friday launched an anti-dumping investigation on imports of chicken meat from Brazil after domestic industry''s complaint that the country is selling your product below market value. The Brazil accounted for more than 50% of the supply of chicken meat products to China, the world''s second largest consumer, between 2013 and 2016, according to a preliminary analysis, the Trade Department said in a statement. Any measure to penalize imports valued at more than $ $1 billion per year would be a big blow to the brazilian industry of proteins, after the scandal over beef exports. The Brazil replaced the United States as the largest supplier of chicken after China adopted anti-dumping tariffs on u.s. chicken products in 2010.
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