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Coffee: the New York Stock Exchange operates with a slight higher on Monday morning and extends gains logged last week

The Arabica coffee market on the New York Stock Exchange (ICE Futures US) operates with a slight higher on Monday morning (7), but has arrived to work in low at the beginning of the work. Prices extend gains logged last week that were more than 1.7% following the Exchange, technical factors and, mainly, concern with the brazilian crop 2017/18. The main salaries follow up $ $1.40 per pound-weight. Around 8:15 (Eastern time), the September contract/17, market reference, was quoted at 140.25 cents/lb with high of 10 points, the December rose 10 points, 17 to 143.80 cents/lb. The contract March/18 operated with 10 points and advance was being trading at 147.35 cents/lb and the May/18 pushed back 5 points and was quoted at 149.00 cents/lb. The harvest progresses in Brazil, the largest producer and exporter of the commodity. However, problems are most apparent and the external market reflects that. "Arabica producers increase the tone of concern about the crop failure, based on the progress of the processing and the high percentage of the income losses. The complaint is with the vintage girl, especially in the South and Cerrado de Minas and São Paulo State ", he says. The drill also wins highlight negative in some regions, "said an analyst at Crops Market, Gil Carlos & Barabach. In Brazil, around 8:15, the type 6 was negotiated hard to R $460,00 .00 to 60 kg bag in Espírito Santo do Pinhal (SP) – stable in Guaxupé (MG) prices also followed were R $475.00 the check and in Poços de Caldas (MG) were being quoted the R $468.00 to serve. Businesses in the internal market happen in isolation in the country.
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