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Cteep electric provides investing R$4,5 bi in 5 years and still seeks acquisitions

SAO PAULO (Reuters)-the electricity transmitting Cteep, the Isa provides for Colombian invest 4.5 billion reais in Brazil over the next five years in projects already contracted in auctions for the construction of new lines and reinforcements in their facilities, but the interest of the company doesn''t stop there. In a conference call with investors on Wednesday, the President of Passanezi, Reynaldo electric, said predicting "a new growth cycle" that will include still searching for acquisitions, which can pass through the purchase of State assets Eletrobras slices in which companies are members. Part of the enthusiasm of the Cteep is due to the company''s prospects of finally ending a long discussion by the Government, starting in 2012, about the compensation due from the Union to the company after this accept early renewal at the time of the concession contracts. "There are still opportunities for growth in auctions and various opportunities in acquisitions. We are very well positioned, "said Passanezi, who stressed the low debt relative to electrical generation. He also said that the Cteep provides good returns in projects that obtained in auctions for new power lines in 2016 and 2017 and who hopes to follow this pattern to get new contracts in bids or purchases. "If you have good, profitable projects, we go back, we will use our ability to leverage," he said. The transmission sector must have several active negotiations in the coming months, amid a realization plan of Eletrobras and the financial crisis of Spanish Abengoa and Isolux, who may have sold ventures or relicitados. "We''re going to look at every opportunity. Eletrobras, let''s take a look at, if you have Isolux, if there is synergistic to Abengoa, and we, the people are going to look, "said Passanezi. The Executive said that the Cteep began to conduct studies on the future of the company, in the midst of a strategic planning of the Isa, which may involve a diversification in business ahead. "The fact is that the sector (electrical) is undergoing a transformation, and there are new areas, as for example with storage batteries, which can be considered a broadcast auxiliary service, an area that for we can make some sense", exemplified the Executive. He cited as another example the called distributed generation, which consists in the implementation for small consumers energy systems such as solar panels on roofs of houses and shops. Dispute with the Union Cteep also showed himself satisfied with measures suggested by the Government to reform the rules of the electricity sector. The package of proposals includes a proposal for part of the damages due to the Cteep and other powered by the renewal of contracts between 2012 and 2013 could be paid with funds of the electricity sector, the Global reversion Reserve (RGR). Today the cost of claims is expected to be passed on in full to electricity rates, but industry groups have succeeded in court an injunction to avoid paying part of the Bill. The proposal of the Government is that the use of resources of the RGR end legal dispute, which generates uncertainty among businesses and consumers. "There''s a willingness implícita...de get a creative solution that does not impact the rate and at the same time implies the need of denationalization. For us the central point is that the Government recognizes and is willing to a solution, "said Passanezi. The Cteep closed the second quarter with net profit of 504,700,000 dollars, helped in part by the recognition of such claims in the balance sheet
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