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Dollar closes at high and R $3.17

The dollar closed at an all-time high on Thursday (10), in the third consecutive session and appreciation at the highest level since mid-July, with investors reacting badly to the fact the Government be preparing to announce primary deficit target greater and growing tensions between United States and North Korea. The U.S. currency advanced 0.74%, sold to R $3.1756, after having closed the day before the R $3.1523. See the quote this is the highest closing level since July 17 (R $3.1814). According to Reuters, to the maximum of the session, the U.S. currency reached R $3.1735, accumulating high of 1.61 percent in three trading sessions. "The scenario causes discomfort and can take the dollar to 3.20 Reals in the short term," said Reuters the Superintendent of Correparti broker, Ricardo gatchalian. Review of the fiscal goal after more than 3 hours of meeting between President Michel Temer, the Ministers for economic and parliamentary area, there was no definition about changing the fiscal goal this year and 2018. According to Ministry of planning, economic team should discuss the issue next Monday according to the blog of John Baraza, the Government came to the conclusion that there is no escape and will require the review of the goals this year and 2018. For 2017, the goal is a deficit (expenditure greater than income) of up to R $139 billion. For 2018, the ceiling for the hole in the public accounts is R $129 billion. The market began to be more concerned with the political strength of President Michel Temer, who used much of the budget for the parliamentary amendments this year to ensure support in the Chamber of Deputies and spreads the complaint for passive corruption crime against him, says Reuters. The economic agents fear that the reforms, in particular and welfare, can''t move forward in Congress. External scenario the geopolitical issue between United States and North Korea was also closely monitored by investors. Earlier, North Korea replied that the President of the United States alerts, Donald Trump, that Pyongyang will face "fire and fury" If threaten Americans, and unveiled detailed plans for a missile attack near the US territory of Guam, in the Pacific Ocean. In the afternoon, Trump said that the United States will "consider negotiations" with North Korea, but warned that the country should be very worried if you do anything to the United States. The dollar fell against a basket of currencies and retreated to the minimum in eight weeks against the yen, with investors looking for less risky assets.
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