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Dollar closes slightly fall with approval of the new BNDES rate on cam

The dollar closed virtually steady on Wednesday (30), after the vote on the amendments to the text-based long-term Rate (TLP) in the camera. The changes were rejected and the text follows in the original format for a vote in the Senate. Investors still await the outcome of the vote on the new fiscal targets by the plenary of the Congress. The U.S. currency finished the session at fall of 0.10%, sold to R $3.1600. See the quote today. Context in the internal scenario, the Board rejected this afternoon the amendments to the basic text of the TLP, the new rate of BNDES, and approved the original text, which now goes to a vote in the Senate. The MP will lose validity if it is not voted by both houses of Congress until September 7. "The market has already worked with the prospect that the highlights would be overturned", justified the head of Reuters table of derivatives of Mirae Asset, Souza, to explain the move shy on the dollar after the conclusion of the vote. Investors still awaited, however, the outcome of the vote on the new fiscal targets by the plenary of the Congress. The Joint Committee on budget (CMO) approved the Bill that raises the deficit targets for 2017 and 2018 primary the day before and was referred to the vote in plenary this Wednesday. The session had already started. Amid this recent more favourable domestic environment, the Banco Bradesco has assessed that there is possibility of the exchange rate fall below the R $3.10 in the short term because of several factors, among them, the strength of the external accounts and the weakening trend of the dollar in relation to d most coins, says Reuters. "It is clear that there are still uncertainties in the political front, but don''t see a blowout scenario in this dimension", commented in a report the institution, which provides that the currency will end in 2017 R $3.10. Earlier, the market reacted to the disclosure of the data of the economy in the United States, which grew in the second quarter at the fastest pace in more than two years, with signs that the momentum remained at the beginning of the third quarter. "Stronger Data increases the chances of a third lift of interest (in the US) in December," explained to Reuters the brokerage CM Capital Markets in comment. Higher interest rates tend to attract resources today applied in other squares, like the brazilian, which caused the dollar to rise slightly against real at the beginning of the session. Eve the dollar closed virtually steady against real on Tuesday (29) awaiting votes in Congress of new tax goals and highlights the provisional measure that creates long-term rate (TLP) and the reduction in risk aversion after new episode of tension geop olicy involving North Korea. The U.S. currency rose 0.03%, sold to R $3.1632, after hitting the maximum of R $3.1774 and R $3.1587 minimum, according to Reuters.
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