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Dollar has slight fluctuations, awaiting vote of TLP

The dollar operates with light oscillations before the real on Thursday (24), with investors ' attention once again focused on the vote on the long-term Rate (TLP), whose vote is scheduled for this session in the House of representatives, according to Reuters. At 4:39 pm, the American currency rose 0.1%, sold to R $3.1458. See the quote today. "The score of the Joint Committee was considered comfortable by increasing confidence among investors in the approval," wrote the CM Capital Markets in a report, according to Reuters. The provisional measure that creates long-term rate (TLP) was passed on the eve by 17 votes in favour and 6 against in Joint Committee in Congress, score which may indicate some political force the Government to close. The measure is important to help the Government to adjust the public accounts since it will replace the long term interest rate (TJLP) in loans from the Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES), and will have smaller subsidies. "(The approval of TLP) generates investor confidence in advance of other measures proposed by the Government, read political and security reforms," according to the Correparti Brokerage in a report. The pension reform is considered essential for the adjustment of public finances in the long run. But, to help before that, the Government has also adopted other measures such as the expansion of the awards program, including the Congonhas airport and the Mint, in addition to the Eletrobras, which had already brought euphoria to investors. Investors also monitored how the behavior of the American currency abroad, where he had a high light basket of currencies. The day before, the American currency closed down 1.22 percent, sold to R $3.1421, after the adoption of the long-term Rate (TLP) in Joint Committee and the announcement of new assets that will be privatized by the Government.
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