terça-feira, 08 de agosto, 2017

Government plans new energy auctions for 2 December

São PAULO/RIO DE JANEIRO-the federal Government provides in December two new energy auctions, beginning of supply foreseen for January 2021 (A-4) and 2023 (A-6), according to Ordinance published in the Diário Oficial da União (GIVE) this Monday. Auctions schedule meets the demands of the equipment industry, which asked the Government signs for new orders, despite weaker demand for electricity on the economic crisis. "The (industry) was pushing a lot of the Ministry (of energy) to auction because of the production chain," said the Coordinator of the Group of studies of the electrical sector of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ-Gesel at), Nivalde de Castro. "This is an effective way to improve the planning and give a sign of investment expansion of the entire production chain of a positive and constructive way," he added. The new enterprises provided for in the Ordinance won greater period to be built, since the auctions in the past, called A-3 and A-5, did not in fact three and five years for the delivery of projects. That''s because in addition to require a few months to begin the work, due to licensing and other procedures, the beginning of generation was never set to the end of the period of three or five years. In the document, which brought the guidelines for both auctions, the Ministry of mines and energy said that the holding of competitions shall be subject to the effective declaration of need for purchase by the distribution agents. Interested entrepreneurs have until Sept. 6 to require registration and the technical qualification of projects by the energy research company (EPE). The Ministry explained, however, that entrepreneurs whose projects have been technically enabled by EPE to participate in the second auction of reserve power of 2016 may request the registration of their enterprises, dismissed the resubmission of documents. According to the Ordinance, will not be enabled generation ventures from thermoelectric source whose Unit Variable Cost (CVU) is greater than zero and less than 5 megawatts installed capacity, for example. In addition, also will not be enabled thermoelectric projects with CVU exceeding 280 reais per megawatt-hour. In addition, the notice should provide that cannot participate in the auctions of new energy, in 2017, the plants that come into commercial operation until the date of your publication.
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