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Government will privatize Eletrobras, mint and Lotex

BRASILIA (Reuters)-overview, the Mint and the Lotex, arm of the Caixa Economica Federal to instant lotteries, were included in the list of privatization investment Partnerships Program (PPI), second document distributed by the Government to the press on Wednesday. The list of the projects approved at the third meeting of the programme also includes the provision of 14 airports, including Congonhas (SP), and Recife (PE), in addition to the BRs 153 (GO/TO) and 364 (RO/MT). According to the PPI, the list of new projects included in the programme should generate investment of 44 billion reais over the term of the contracts. About overview, the document states that "there will be issuing the company's papers without subscription of the Union, which will be diluted and lose control," says the document. The prediction of the PPI is bidding for the airports in the third quarter of next year. Within the same period, the idea is still complete the sale of minority stakes of Infraero in the concessions of Guarulhos (SP), Brasília (DF), Confins (MF) and Galleon. The Government is auctioning off Congonhas separately, and the other airports divided into three blocks. The northeastern block includes the airports of Recife (PE), Maceió (AL), João Pessoa (PB), Aracaju (SE), Juazeiro do Norte (CE) and Campina Grande (PB). Mato Grosso's block will include the Lowland Big terminals, Rondonópolis, Sinop, Barra do Garças and Alta Floresta. Another block will get the airports of Vitória (ES) and Macaé (RJ). In the area of electric power, were included the granting of the hydroelectric plant of Jaguara (MG), which should occur even in the third quarter of this year, in addition to 11 lots of transmission lines, which are to be auctioned off in the fourth quarter of 2017. In the area of oil and gas, the third meeting of the PPI approved the third round of pre-salt blocks, to be held in the fourth quarter this year and the 15th round of blocks for exploration and production.
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