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Growing imports of fertilizers and daily average exported by Brazil grows 3.6% in the second week of August

The average daily exported by Brazil, in the second week of August (7 to 13), reached $ $782.7 million. The value is 3.6% higher than the average of $ $755.7 million recorded in the first week of the month. According to figures released on Monday, 14, by the Ministry of industry, Trade and services (MDIC), the increase in average exported was motivated by the growth of 6.5% on exports of basic products, with emphasis on the foreign sales of soybeans, crude oil, tobacco leaves, beef, and other kaolin clays; and 2.5% in exports of manufactured goods, especially cars, iron/steel hoses, cargo vehicles, fuel oil and aluminum oxides and hydroxides. On the other hand, the external sales of products recorded fall of 6.4% in the second week of August, due to the setback in sales of pulp, raw sugar, copper cathodes, wood in chips, ferro-alloys and cast iron. With respect to imports, the daily average of the second week of August stood at $ $608 million, which represents a pullback from 9.1% in the first week of the month, when the average daily imported was $ $669.2 million. This indentation is explained mainly according to the MINISTRY, by the decrease in spending on pharmaceuticals, fuels and lubricants, fertilisers, optical and precision instruments, electrical and electronic equipment. Result of the month in the month of August until the day 13, the brazilian trade balance has surplus of US $1.219 billion, with exports of $ $6.936 billion and imports of $ $5.717 billion. The average daily exported until the second week of the month, $ $770.7 million, is 4.4% higher than that recorded in August 2016 ($ $738.5 million). This increment, highlights the Ministry, occurred because of increased sales of basic products (+ 8.6%), and semimanufactured goods (+ 7.1%). Manufacturing sales already had slight drop of 0.3%. In comparison with July 2017, there was daily exported average shrinkage of 13.8% on account of the drop in sales of manufactured goods (-18.4%) and basic (-14.4%), while sales of semimanufactured goods grew 1.2 percent. With respect to imports, the daily average until the second week of August, $ $635.2 million, was 13.7 percent above the August measure 2016 ($ $558.6 million). In this comparison, grew up spending on fertilisers (+ 63.4%), iron and steel (+ 59.9%), fuels and lubricants (+ 28.7%), electrical and electronic equipment (+ 23.9%) and motor vehicles and parts (+ 12.4%). In comparison with July 2017, there was growth in imports of 7% for increases in drinks and alcohol (+ 77.5%), grain and milling industry products (+ 50.2%), fertilisers (+ 31.5%), organic and inorganic chemicals (+ 23.1%) and electrical and electronic equipment (+ 9.3%).
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