quarta-feira, 09 de agosto, 2017

Live chicken: wholesale has high of 2.94% in SP

The price of live chicken remains stable in the main squares of the country on Tuesday (8). In Sao Paulo, the wholesale chicken had a high of 2.94%, according to the indicator of Scot Consultoria, while the chicken on the farm remains stable, the $2.50/kg. The State of Santa Catarina, major producer of birds in Brazil, have growth for meat exports. The month of July ended with high of 7.6% in turnover, generating revenue of $ $164,4 million, with 93900 tons sold abroad, 13.7% more than in June. Corn quotations, for your time, follow in fall in Brazil, according to the Center for advanced studies in applied economics (Cepea) of Esalq/USP. This indentation is related to the advancement of the harvest and a domestic demand weakened, in addition to the reduction in export prices. On Thursday (03), the BM&F the R$25,20/sc (Campinas/SP), the lowest level of the year.
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