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Odebrecht in Peru for Chinese plant sells

The subsidiary of Odebrecht Group dedicated to infrastructure concessions in Latin America, Odebrecht Latinvest, announced at the end of the night this Thursday, 24, who signed an agreement with a consortium led by the China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) for the sale of the hydroelectric plant of Chaglla, the third largest of Peru. The deal is valued at $ $1.390 billion, according to sources close to the transaction. Most of the value obtained with the sale of $ $1.2 billion-Chaglla-will be used by Odebrecht to settle debts with the banks that financed the construction of the hydroelectric plant. The remainder, about $ $190 million, goes to a fund created to compensate the Peruvian Government by unlawful acts carried out by the company in the country. The investigations in Peru involving the Odebrecht began in November 2016. Earlier this year, the contractor signed a cooperation agreement with prosecutors in the country, but the compensation to be paid by the company for the crimes of corruption has not yet been set. Sources close to the company estimate that the figure should be around $ $100 million and that money deposited in the Fund with the sale of Chaglla is sufficient. The CTG-led consortium for the purchase of Peruvian hydropower plant is formed by Hubei Energy, ACE and CNIC. The hydroelectric plant will be acquired by Huallaga Chaglla Holding Company Limited, a company created by the buyer in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong S.A.R. and People's Republic of China. The agreement needs to be approved by the Ministry of Justice in Peru and by entities in China. With the deal, the Odebrecht Group closer to complete your asset sale plan, announced last year. In all, the company plans to get rid of R $12 billion. Of this total, R $5 billion have already entered in the register the group, selling businesses as Environmental, Odebrecht which passed into the hands of the Canadian Brookfield. To get rid of Chaglla, left just under R $3 billion for the company to complete the goal. Among the assets that are still in the portfolio of the group to be sold are investments in diamond mines and transmission lines in Angola. And the Peruvian South pipeline, whose works are still and will be relicitadas by the local government, resulting in a billion-dollar indemnity to the brazilian company.
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