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Resumed firmer crude steel consumption

In view of the difficulties that the industrial sector still goes through, it''s admirable that, from January to July, the national production of crude steel reached 19.6 million tons, an increase of 10.6% compared to the same period in 2016, according to the Brazil Steel Institute. But, as he warns the entity, this growth rate is overestimated, since the basis for comparison is very low, because not accounted fully Steel production of Pecém, which only went into full production in October 2016. As the year progresses, the monthly comparison with 2016 should show more modest rates. Anyway, the steel industry gives signs of consolidating a firm upturn. In July, the apparent consumption of steel products (local production more imports) reached 1.6 million tonnes, 9% more than the registered in the same month of 2016, with domestic sales of 1.4 million tonnes, showing growth of 3.2%. In January to July, apparent consumption also grew – 3.7% over the same period last year. It is noted, however, that the domestic sales (9.5 million tons) fell 1.3%. The question is whether sales by national steel in the domestic market can continue rising in the second half, so the display positive result at the end of the year. Is high the participation of imports of steel products. In July, imports grew by 66.5%, totaling 1.4 million tons. In July, imports increased even more-83.8% compared to July 2016, peaking at 294,000 tons. This, of course, reduces the market for national steel, which should intensify efforts to achieve greater gains in productivity in order to compete on better terms. Strengthen the protectionist arsenal or plead more tax benefits by Governments is not the answer. In reality, what notes is that, thanks mainly to the steel Plant, which is geared towards the foreign market, Brazil has exported far more steel products that matter. From January to July, Brazilian exports amounted to 8.4 million tons, a growth of 10.4% in volume and 44.1% in value, transporting the R $4.3 billion in foreign exchange.
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