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Russia will flood the world of wheat

Third largest exporter of raw materials in the world, behind only the European Union and the United States, Russia must consolidate the world leadership in the export of wheat. The country has the potential to reap up to 128 million tons of cereal in the 2017/18 season (49% increase in the last five seasons) and flood the international market with 31.5 million tons (an increase of 69% over the period). On the Panel "Russia: Great Player of winter" the highlight was the work that the country has developed over the last years to occupy a prominent position among the main exporters of wheat, impacting on the values applied in the grain market in the world. "The important role was made with high-quality seeds, and also increasing the agricultural machinery", the Member of the Russian Grain Union, Maksim Golovin. The Director of the Union of the wheat Industries in the State of Paraná (PR-Sinditrigo), Daniel Kummel, warning that there was never as much wheat available in the market, reaching about 737 million tons. "The volume is too large and did not follow the production. Consequently, the wheat will be effect in this campaign because of the available quantity "reported in 2015/16, Brazil produced 6,720,000 tons of wheat, but the annual domestic consumption approaching 12 million tons-difference supplied by imports. In the current cycle, with forecast of 20% drop in domestic production of the cereal, according to numbers from the Expedition, the need for international product will increase. The main supplier is the Argentina, followed by Paraguay – facing breaks in the current crop of wheat and Uruguay, all located in South America. Currently, the European giant exports to 130 countries, mainly in Europe, Asia and North Africa. "Brazil is not a market for logistical issues, price and trade barriers. Please, tear down those barriers, "asked Maksim Golovin. According to him, Russia can reach up to 150 million tons of produce cereal.
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