quarta-feira, 13 de setembro, 2017

Caution with policy does have high dollar almost 1 month

The dollar recorded the biggest high in almost a month on Tuesday, in a move of caution with the political scene, after President Michel Temer go back to being the subject of investigation and also after the Federal Police concluded, on another front, there is existence of evidence that Fear and m inistros committed acts of corruption. The dollar advanced 0,81%, the actual 3.1290 on sale, from the high percentage 1, 2% recovery registered in 17 of August. The maximum recorded session 3.1390 reais. The dollar future had high of about 0,80%. "Everything is against the plateau makes it difficult to maintain the support of Fear in Congress and disrupts a schedule of the reform agenda, and the investor protect on the dollar", justified the Superintendent of Correparti Broker, Ricardo gatchalian. This afternoon, the Minister of the Supreme Court (STF) Roberto Barroso decided to open new investigation against the President Fear under suspicion from the tipoff of J&F executives, that he might be involved in a corruption scheme and money laundering in a Decree that changed port rules, said source with knowledge of the case told Reuters. Before that, the market was more cautious after the Federal Police finish investigating the survey called "quadrillion of the House", that there was evidence of crimes committed by the Summit of the PMDB, including Fear and Eliseu Padilha Ministers (Civil) and Moreira Franco ( General Secretariat of the Presidency). "The market was scalded after JBS and now is more cautious, waiting for the contents of a new complaint against Michel Temer to position itself better" evaluated earlier the Chief Economist of Infinity, Manager Jason Vieira. After news of the investigation, the dollar, which was already well pressed, renewed the maxims, if reconnecting the 3.15 reais. The day before, the market showed greater risk appetite on the perception of increased chances of vote on pension reform after the arrest of J&F whistle-blowers, which strengthened the President Michel Temer. In this session, the high of the dollar abroad still influenced the movement against real in the domestic market. The dollar rose against a basket of currencies and currencies of emerging countries, as the Mexican peso and the Turkish lira. Speculation at the tables on the role of the Central Bank also pressured the dollar, once the month nears half and no signal was given by the Monetary Authority. In October, Win 9.975 billion in traditional foreign exchange swap contracts--equivalent to the sale of dollars in futures market.
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