quinta-feira, 28 de setembro, 2017

Coffee: 3corações Group Announces return of Cirol brand supermarkets of PE

São Paulo, 27-the 3corações Group, a national leader in the segment of ground roasted coffee, announced on Wednesday, 27, the Coffee brand Cirol, traditional in Recife (PE), will return to the market this month. In a statement, the company informs that the product was discontinued in 2009, after more than 50 years of history, and acquired by the Group 3corações in March 2017, as part of the expansion strategy of the company.
The 3corações Group is a leader in the North and Northeast by the coffee Santa Clara. Founded in 1959, in the interior of Rio Grande do Norte, the company manufactures and markets the brands of coffee 3 Hearts, Santa Clara, Pimpernel, Kimimo, Leticia, fine grain, Itamaraty, Iguazú, Friend, cruise, among others, and the cappuccino #PRONTO.
ISTOÉ – 27/09/2017
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