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Conab: coffee production in 2017 must decrease 12.8% to 44,770,000 bags

São Paulo, 21/9-brazilian coffee crop in 2017, almost all taken, should reach 44,770,000 bags of 60 kg. The result corresponds to a fall of 12.8% compared with last year's harvest (51,370,000 bags). The numbers are part of the third survey by the national supply company (Conab) released on Thursday, 21. In previous research, may, at the beginning of the harvest, Conab had estimated yield by 45.5 million sacks (minus 11.3 percent before 2016 crop). The brazilian production of Arabica, which is about 80% of the total produced in the country, must reach 34,070,000 bags. "The negative bienalidade in most producer States carries a lower average productivity than the previous harvest," according to Conab, in a note. In may, the projection of Arabica harvest was estimated at 35.4 million sacks. The brazilian production of conilon must reach 10,710,000 sacks. "The estimate is that productivity recovers front strong shortage of rains of the past few years," says Conab. In previous research, the crop of conilon was estimated at 10.1 million sacks. In Minas Gerais, the main State producer, coffee production will be 20.7% less than in 2016, also because of the negative bienalidade. The State should reap 24,040,000 bags of Arabica and 334,100 conilon sacks totaling 24,380,000 bags. In Espírito Santo, second largest producer, the fall in total production must be 1.5%. "Among the reasons are the adverse weather conditions the conilon crops traversed in 2016 and lack of seedlings for planting", according to Conab. There is also the cycle of negative bienalidade in Arabic. It is estimated that the State will produce 5.9 million bags of conilon and 2.9 million bags of Arabica, which gives a total of 8.8 million sacks. In Sao Paulo should be harvested 4,370,000 bags because bienalidade negative cycle and the high rate of pruning. The production should reach 3,360,000 sacks in Bahia; 1,940,000 bags in Rondônia; 1,210,000 sacks in Paraná; 349,100 sacks in Rio de Janeiro; 180,100 bags in Goiás; 84500 bags in Mato Grosso and 7500 sacks in the Amazon. The total area cultivated with coffee in the country must achieve 2,210,000 hectares, of which 345,190 hectares in formation and 1,860,000 hectares in production. According to Conab, the productivity in 24.02 bags per hectare, equivalent to a reduction of 8.8 percent over last crop. "The reduction should occur in almost all the major producing regions, especially where the cultivation of Arabica and bienalidade is negative in this harvest," explains the Conab.
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