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Dollar rises and closes above R $3.15 with anticipation about the complaint against Fear

The dollar closed at an all-time high before the actual this Monday (25), with investors awaiting the reading of the complaint against the President Michel Temer in the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies and evaluating how it will influence the progress of welfare reform, according to Reuters. The U.S. currency finished the session in appreciation of 0.95%, sold to R $3.1574. "The beginning of the processing of the second complaint against Michel Temer should catalyze the attention of the political world, and paralyze the work in Congress for the next three weeks," said SulAmérica Investments in a report, adding that it could harm the processing of pension reform. The new complaint against Fear accuses him of leading a criminal organization and of obstruction of Justice. It should be read in the plenary of the Chamber on Monday, but the session was canceled due to lack of quorum and rescheduled for Tuesday morning (26). On Friday (22), reading had already been postponed, after the plenary session was cancelled, also for lack of quorum. Read the complaint, the President will be notified and then begin running the term, the Committee on Constitution and justice, for the presentation of the defence and of the opinion of the Member who is chosen as rapporteur. Just after passing the CCJ is that libelous piece following the plenary. The House of representatives decide whether to authorize the Supreme Court to examine the complaint to decide about your eventual acceptance. Also follow the operators focus negotiations on the program of debt renegotiation of companies, Refis, whose term ends on Friday. Executive and legislative branches have not yet reached an agreement and there is a risk that the Government let the measure expires. Abroad, the dollar operated with high compared to a basket of currencies, amid the retreat of the euro with profit-taking after the German election results the day before. Merkel won the fourth term on Sunday but will have to build a coalition difficult to form a Government after his conservatives lost support on the anti-immigration party alternative for Germany (AfD). The dollar also rose against currencies of emerging countries, as the Chilean and Mexican pesos. The high trajectory of the currency was still reinforced by statements by the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, William Dudley. He said that the U.S. central bank walks to gradually increase interest rates, since the factors of deceleration of inflation are "disappearing" and the fundamentals of the economy are solid. The Central Bank sold the full offer of up to 12000 traditional foreign exchange swap contracts (equivalent to the future sale of dollars) at auction for scrolling the due date of October. In this way, so far have already been rolled $ $4.2 billion of the total $ $9.975 billion that WINS next month. "The market is a little aside, looking outside, but still engaging pace," said an exchange of a professional broker. Last trading session on Friday (22), the dollar closed in fall, aligned the movement abroad. However, the currency ended the week at an all-time high. The dollar fell 0.53 percent, to 3.1276. Last week, the advance was of 0.41%. In the month and the year, fall of 0.63% for accumulated and 3.76 percent, respectively.
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