quinta-feira, 28 de setembro, 2017

IPP rises 0.31% in August compared with a fall of 1.01% in July, says IBGE

RIVER-the producer price index (PPI), including extractive industry prices and processing, surged from 0.31% in August, reported on Wednesday, 27, the Brazilian Institute of geography and statistics (IBGE). The July rate was revised to a decline of 0.99% to 1.01% drop. The IPP measures the evolution of prices of products in the "factory gate", without taxes and freight, extractive industry and 23 sectors of manufacturing industry. With the results now announced, the IPP processing and extractive industries racked up 0.99% indentation in the year. The rate at 12 months was positive in 1.66%. Considering only the extractive industry, there were 6.21 percent advance in August, after the fall of 1.81 percent recorded in July, according to the IBGE. Already the manufacturing industry registered a rise of 0.12% in August, compared with a 0.98% PPIS indentation of July.
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