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Price of gasoline rises worldwide by Harvey storm effect

Tropical storm Harvey hit the energy industry around the world, after flooded refineries and pipelines were closed in the United States threaten global supply and fuel markets to redirect million barrels of gasoline to prevent a lack of offer in the country. The Pasadena oil refinery, owned by Petrobras, is closed from the morning of the last Sunday (27) in the U.S. State of Texas due to the passage of Hurricane Harvey through the region, which caused deaths and flooding in the United States, reported the State-owned. The storm put whole cities on the Gulf Coast of the United States under the waters, with flooding in Houston, Texas, which forced the closure of a quarter of u.s. refining capacity. The reference prices of gasoline in the United States had strong high on Thursday, after news that one of the largest fuel distribution systems of the United States will close its main lines to the North-East of the country after failures and lack of supply of suppliers. Increase in Petrobras In Brazil, Petrobras announced a 0.5% increase in gas from this Thursday and a high of 4.2% from Friday. The last rate increase was the largest since the State changed oil in July your pricing policy to provide for adjustments to daily fuel prices. Impact on the energy sector the Colonial pipeline can transport 3 million barrels of gasoline and other products daily. At least two refineries on the East Coast were without gas for immediate delivery while seeking markets usually supplied by meet the Gulf Coast, said two sources. Other refineries must charge higher margins to boost profits while seeking to meet demand amid the crisis. "It will be the worst thing that the U.S. have seen in decades, from the point of view of energy," said a source in the market on the East Coast, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The U.S. Energy Department said on Thursday it will release 500,000 barrels of oil from strategic reserves to meet the following refineries in operation in an effort to contain the fuel shortage. The future of gasoline in the U.S. rose more than 20% since the beginning of the storm, while oil prices in the U.S. had the largest monthly drop in more than a year.
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