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Price of residential property has sixth monthly decline in a row in August, says FipeZap

SAO PAULO (Reuters)-prices of residential property sales fell 0,12% in August compared with July, the sixth monthly decline then indicated the FipeZap index, which considers apartments ready in 20 Brazilian cities. The mean value of square meter residential for sale in August was real 7,643. According to the survey, 14 of the 20 cities examined had recoil in the price of residential properties, with emphasis on Federal District (-0,58%), Rio de Janeiro (-0,53%) and Goiânia (-0,49%). At the other end, the cities that showed the high value of the square meter in August were Florianópolis (+ 0,66%), Recife (+ 0,46%) and São Paulo (+ 0,18%). In 2017, the cumulative index FipeZap accumulates nominal fall 0,5%. Considering the last 12 months, the indicator had low rated 0, 7%. Rio de Janeiro has remained at the top of the ranking of cities with the most expensive square meter for sale in August, with average value of 9,975 dollars, followed by Sao Paulo (8,696 real/square metre) and the Federal District (8,297 real/square meter). On the other hand, was the city with the cheaper housing (3,530).
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