terça-feira, 30 de janeiro, 2018

After good results, milk producers ' goal of SC is to export

The goal of the dairy farmers in the State to 2018 is export. Although milk production being the third largest economy from farming in Santa Catarina, the State consumes less than half of milk it produces. "The way of the milk has to be export, Santa Catarina has the doors open to this: our health status, product quality and modernity in the industrialization of the milk," said Moacir Sopelsa, Secretary of State for Agriculture. Growth in the last ten years the milk production grew 82%, above the national average. One of the factors is the investment in technology and genetic improvement for farmers. "The expansion was given the need to supply the industry," says Mary Rizzi Roan Zanchet producer. He is part of the milk chain growth. The financial drive in 2017 was R $3.5 billion, 13% of the total volume of agribusiness. For 29 years he works with dairy cattle. This year his property will have 70 dairy cows. Mary Rizzi Roan Zanchet, property in Grove, must be the first qualified to get the milk exported by a multinational industry here in Santa Catarina.
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