quinta-feira, 18 de janeiro, 2018

Argentina migrates soy area for peanuts

In Argentina, the reduction in the tax burden for soybean production has already begun. The rate of import taxes, called locally of retenciones, has a gradual reduction of 0.5 percentage points per month coming to 18% in December 2019, when the current administration finalizes your mandate. But that tax pressure worries producers and still some of them experiencing other cultures. According to an analysis of the United States Department of agriculture (USDA), the profitability achieved last year also encouraged the producers to cultivate more peanuts. Traditionally planted in the province of Córdoba, last year's productivity with this cultivation was absolute record despite the floods in the province. This year, now with problem of drought, the prospect is also good without any record of pests or diseases. The total area rose from 345,000 acres to 370,000 hectares with a production of 1,160,000 tons, and of these, 820,000 tons would be exported. The peanut harvest happens in Córdoba, during the month of March. The USDA forecast for Argentine soybean production follows in 57 million tonnes, although due to the drought, many local private bodies already diminished the estimate for up to 52 million tons. Like other impediments to grain production have been cited by the United States ' high fuel prices and increased property taxes. Due to the devaluation of the peso and the planned reduction of taxes, Argentine stocks should rise soybean.
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