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INCC-M goes up 0.28% in January, reveals FGV

The National construction cost Index-M (INCC-M) stood at 0.28 percent in January after rising 0.14% in December, according to the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) on Friday, 26. The index for materials, equipment and services rose 0.59 percent after the group have registered in the previous month, rate of 0.22%. In this group, the component materials and equipment registered variation of 0.64%. The previous month, the rate had been of 0.26%. According to the FGV, the highlight was the acceleration of structure materials, 0.58% to 0.75%. The portion relating to Services increased from a rate of 0.03% in December to 0.39% in January. In this subgroup, the FGV stressed the increase in service fees and licenses, whose variation went from 0.00% to 0.91%. The index for labor rose 0.03 percent, after high of 0.07% in December, due to salary adjustments of various categories in Recife. Recife was the only capital that recorded deceleration in January (1.13% to 0.48%). The other six capital cities surveyed showed progress in rates between December and January: Salvador (0.15% to 0.18%), Brasília (-0.04% to 0.27%), Belo Horizonte (0.18% to 0.19%), Rio de Janeiro (0.03% to 0.04%), Porto Alegre (0.10% to 0.37%) and São Paulo (0.08% to 0.34%). Among the items that were featured from high in the first month of the last front of 2017 2018 are rods and wires of carbon steel (despite the relief of 2.66 percent to 1.81%), PVC pipes and fittings (-2.72% to 2.61%), mortar (1.25% to 1.53%), iron pipes and fittings and steel (0.81% p ARA 1.26%) and mass of concrete (-1.70% to 0.77%). Already among the main individual influences of low in January are common portland cement (0.85% to-0.25%), projects (0.14% to-0.08%), wooden doors and Windows (0.03% to-0.34%), meal ready at work (0.08%-0.10%) and tiles and plates for hardwood floors (even with the higher rate of 0.36%-to-0.12%). The INCC-M is calculated on the basis of the prices collected from 21 the previous month and 20 of the reference month.
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