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Less corn doesn't mean higher price

Total brazilian production of corn yield 2017/18 should have a break of 5.5 million tons, which represents 5.6% of the total low, falling from 97.84 MT yield 2016/17 (record) for 92, 35MT (second largest harvest in history). Even so, prices are not expected to increase significantly, design Agroeconômica Consulting T&F. That's because this breach of 5.5 MT will be almost entirely offset by the increase of 11.98 MT in initial stocks, which went from 6, 94MT 2016/17 harvest for 18, 93MT in 2017/18. According to T&F, this factor will allow the final 2017/18 harvest stocks grow to 23, 17MT, absolute record, meaning 25.1% of the crop, against the average of 14.86% of the last 5 years. "We all know that high stocks mean lower prices and this is the trend of prices in Brazil, unless it promotes the reduction of these stocks, via increases in exports," said the analyst Luiz Fernando Pacheco. FALL in PARANÁ in the first harvest, there was a 35% drop in corn acreage in the State of Paraná, which fell from 513,627 planted last year to 333,153 acres planted this year. The Overall is projecting a 39% reduction in production, which falls to 3 million tons 4,920,000 tons, i.e. 1.9 million tons of maize will be harvested unless. For 2017/2018, the Overall harvest is working with an average of 9 000/kg/ha of productivity. This average can be considered high in the State and reveals the gains achieved over the past few vintages: "there are several cases of producers harvesting between 15000 and 16000 pounds per hectare". Anyway, more favourable weather conditions for the start of the harvest of the first crop of corn, in February, which could stop possible losses provided for culture, added the Department of Rural economy of PR.
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