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Sweet sorghum ethanol can have economic potential

A research team at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, is exploring the potential of sweet sorghum as a source of income for the State's producers. Sweet sorghum is a cultivar of sorghum mainly for juices. According to the high sugar content and stability during the drought, the researchers identified a potential for ethanol production in non-irrigated land. The sugar syrup would be fermented to produce ethanol. Sweet sorghum to compete with corn – the main source of ethanol in the United States – should be more profitable and cost-efficient. Considering factors such as productivity and cost of processing, the researchers estimate that the sweet sorghum ethanol path is a "draw" financial prospectus in Western Nebraska. "In typical market conditions considered, there are insufficient benefits to producers and factories to produce ethanol from sweet sorghum as an economically attractive opportunity," said Richard Perrín, professor of agricultural economics at the University of Nebraska. On the other hand, the researchers found some circumstances that would improve the viability of the crop. Currently, the Renewable Fuel standard of the United States has a consumption of specific levels of renewable fuels of various categories of raw materials. Within the markets created by the program, ethanol plants would be almost certain to get an award for sweet sorghum for ethanol compared to corn ethanol. On the other hand, the volatility of the award and political opposition to the program makes this benefit risky. Another consideration that could increase the viability of farming would be a higher productivity. A project of the University put $ $13.5 million on research specific to this end. "If the search effort increase productivity of biomass of 20% to 30% or show that productivity increases of 20% to 30% more than the estimate, the benefits for both
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