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The projection Focus to Selic at the end of 2018 follows in 6.75% per annum

Among the indications of the Central Bank (BC) that can continue the process of cutting interest rates in February, financial market economists maintained its projections for the Selic (the basic rate of the economy) to the end of 2018. The Market Focus report brought this Monday, 8, to the median of forecasts for the Selic rate this year followed in 6.75% per annum. A month ago, was at 7.00%. The Selic is currently at 7.00% per annum. In December 2017, the Central Bank has strengthened, through the Quarterly inflation Report (RTI), which can reduce the Selic rate at 0.25 percentage point more in February, from 7.00% to 6.75% per annum. At the same time, the institution stated that your decision will depend on the evolution of the activity, the risks to the scenario-as connected to the progress of reforms, the reviews on the stage of the monetary cycle and projections for the price indices. In Focus now disclosed, the Selic 2018 average remained at 6.75 percent a year, compared with 6.78 percent four weeks ago. For the Group of analysts that more hit the projections (Top 5) of medium term, the basic rate will end 2018 at 6.50% per annum, the same percentage designed a week and a month before. Financial market economists project that the Selic will fall 0.25 percentage point in February, from 7.00% to 6.75% per annum. At this point, the Central Bank would terminate the current cycle of interest rate cuts. These projections are part of the system of market expectations of the Focus Report, released on Monday morning. Focus data indicate that the market still expects to maintain the Selic rate at 6.75 percent a year until January 2019, when the Central Bank would begin a new cycle, with high of 0.25 percentage point base rate to 7.00 percent. New high is expected for February 2019, to 7.25%. Then the projection is high for 7.50% per year in March. For may 2019, the projected rate is 8.00% per year.
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