terça-feira, 16 de janeiro, 2018

Weak sales and drop in the price of pork in bulk

The year started with the physical market of fattened with stable prices. The demand is in line with the supply of animals for slaughter. In São Paulo, the animal farms over being traded, on average, in R$74,00/@. Wholesale, even though beginning of month, in which the consumer is more capitalized, sales were below expectations. With that, prices sagged in the period in order to increase the turnover of goods. Special housing increased from R$6,20/kg for today's $6.00/kg, fall of 3.2% over the last seven days. Seasonally January generates negative impact on sales of meat, due to the increase of expenses of taxation and other purchases that occur in this period. Because of this, the sales are not expected to increase in the short term and the market should follow with prices moving sideways.
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