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São Paulo announces agreement with Adidas to supply sporting goods

The Sao Paulo accepted on Tuesday the proposal from Adidas to be the new sportswear supplier of the Club. The decision of the Executive Board it will be by the Board of Directors and administration, which must approve the choice. At the end of last year, the Club terminated the contract with Under Armour, who was under contract from 2015 and that would until 2019. The brand paid the fine proportional to two years and two months remaining on her contract and allowed the Dorival Junior team to use uniforms with your brand until June 2018. The value and time contract with Adidas are private, but the State found that Club and mark came to negotiating a partnership of 3 to 5 years, and the Sao Paulo tried to hit values close to the contract with Under Armour, has always pointed to as a good deal. The Club received R $15 million cash, plus an annual value around it in sports materials. Still no definition of date for launch of new materials. Because of the agreement with the Under Armour, one of the possibilities is that the São Paulo just vista Adidas uniforms starting in June. If the new supplier and the Club want to anticipate the use of new uniforms, there is no impediment. Without the Penalty, Under Armour, Nike, Topper, Kappa and Adidas were companies mentioned as potential new suppliers of uniform of São Paulo, until the decision this Tuesday. One of the arguments for the termination with the Under Armour would be the low return in selling shirts on Brazil, driven by the country's financial situation. Sought, Adidas released a statement stressing that has talked with the São Paulo. "Adidas confirms that it is in talks with the SPFC for a partnership," he said. She still provides sporting goods for Palmeiras, which has a contract until the end of the year with the German company. It is estimated that the alviverde receive some R $20 million per year. Check out the official note: "the Executive Board of the São Paulo Futebol Clube announces that approved a proposal from the adidas sporting goods supply. The agreement now loops through internal instances of the Club, the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors, from when will be documented. "
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