segunda-feira, 05 de março, 2018

Corn rose with delays in the country, climatic uncertainties and logistical issues

In the region of Campinas-SP, the 60-pound bag closed listed in R$37,00 in February, for immediate delivery, no shipping. There was high of 17.5% compared to the average of January this year. Compared to the same period last year, the cereal is costing 4.6% more this year. In the early days of March, the reference was between R$38,00 and R$39,00 per bag of 60 pounds. Delays in harvesting the crop of summer and in the second seeding 2017/2018 crop, due to less favorable weather conditions this season (excessive rains), the smallest production envisaged for the 2017/2018 season, the high freight prices (higher rate of commercialization of soy at this point) and the seller more withdrawn with respect to the offer right now are the factors that collaborate with firm cereal prices in the domestic market. In the medium term, it is expected a more favorable climate to the advances of the summer crop harvest in Paraná and in Central Brazil and, consequently, of sowing of the second crop of corn. If the work in the field in fact advance (increase internal supply) the tendency is that the share price fall in the Brazilian market from the middle of March. Anyway, the attention to the weather and the course of the summer harvest and planting the winter harvest continues. Revisions down in second crop production can support the quotes to harvest the second year. Finally, the larger stocks in the season are limiting factors for the price rises on the domestic market. Conab estimates 18,520,000 tons at the end of 2017/2018. For a comparison, stocks in 2016/2017 were 18,610,000 tons and in 2015/2016 were of 6,950,000 tons.
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