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Dollar falls more than 1% compared to real after Fed view only three high interest rates this year

SAO PAULO (Reuters)-the dollar fell more than 1% before the real after the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, raise the interest rate of the country on Wednesday and indicate that must repeat the same movement just twice more in the rest of the year. The dollar retreated, 1,21% the real 3.2685 in the sale, the largest percentage drop since the retreat of 2.27 percent registered on day 14 of February. In the slightest, the currency marked 3.2675 reais. The dollar future had low of about 1,30%. "Rising interest rates three times this year take the forces ' fly to quality ', there is less financial pressure so that the flow of resources point to the United States", justified the Chief Operating Officer of brokerage Mirae, Pablo Syper. The U.S. central bank has promoted this afternoon the first high interest rates this year and designed at least two increases in 2018, signalling growing confidence that the tax cuts and Government spending will boost the economy and inflation and lead to a shake future more aggressive. Jerome Powell, who had your first meeting in the Chair to chair, said at the press conference that followed the meeting, for now, the data do not suggest an acceleration in inflation. The statement helped strengthen the dollar's fall against other hard currencies and also before emerging currencies, such as the Mexican and Chilean pesos. Internally, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) followed in the focus of investors, faced with the possibility of changing the current understanding of the Court on execution of the sentence of convicts after exhausted resources in the second instance. To the market, the possible change of this understanding reduces the possibility of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva being arrested and, thus, not running for President this year. Lula was convicted on appeal and now awaits the result of the last possible resource in the second instance. On Wednesday, the FEDERAL COURT of APPEAL-4 marked for the next Monday the trial of embargoes of Lula's Declaration against a conviction in the case, Eric Murphy's phone. Also on this date, the President of the Agency, Minister Carmen Lúcia, ruled the trial of a preventive habeas corpus request of Lula's defense to the court session on Thursday. The former President is seen by the markets as a politician less committed to fiscal adjustment, considered important to put the country's public accounts in order. The Brazilian Central Bank sold in this section all offer up to 14000 traditional foreign exchange swaps, equivalent to the future sale of dollars, for scrolling the expiration of April. Thus, already rolled 5.6 billion dollars of the total of 9.029 billion dollars. If you keep this volume and sell it entirely, the BC will scroll the full value of the swaps that are due next month.
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