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EC: construction provides for growth in 2018

With signs of economic upturn and reduction of interest on the loans, the construction sector waits closing the year of Ceará 2018 with growth and thus reverse the setback suffered by the segment in recent years. According to the President of the Union of the construction industries (Sinduscon), André Montenegro, sales should positively impact the outcome of the sector this year. According to the Office of research and economic strategy of Ceará (Ipece), the gross domestic product (GDP) shrank Ceará civil construction 4.22% in 2017 about 2016, following the expectations of businessmen, according to Montenegro. "After two years of recession, inventories increased and there were no releases. We are looking now a small resume, "he says. The result, however, demonstrates a slowing of the fall in the segment, which had closed the year 2016 with an indentation of 15.59% compared with the previous year, according to Ipece. The President estimates that, with the resumption of home sales this year, the industry should end the year with growth, albeit small, less than the country's average, according to said. He evaluates that macroeconomics under control, with low inflation, falling interest rates of home loans and resumption of employment make favorable environment for growth of home sales this year. "The housing shortage is also very large, people need a place to live. The demand will increase, the demand for real estate in the market already is increasing, "strengthens the President. Jobs just in 2019 Questioned about the impact of this resumption of sales over the level of employment generated by the sector, which showed a significant drop in recent years, Montenegro considers that a significant increase only should happen next year. "This will be the year of sales. With that, the new release will happen in the second half of 2018 and the only buildings will begin next year. Cancellations Between the difficulties faced by the industry, Montenegro highlights initiatives to combat the achievement of sales cancelled (cancellation of the sale of real estate on plan), as the Bill that is being dealt with in the National Congress to regulate this situation. "People want the construction company return the money immediately, but these resources are applied in building, in brick, sand, cement. How can I have? "asks. Since last year, have intensified talks between the companies in the sector, representatives of consumer bodies and members of the Government for a regulation of this type of breach of contract. In the evaluation of the President, the buyers should try to sell the property on the market and not force the Builder to pay immediately the amounts already paid. The National Association of consumer Pubic Ministry (MPCON) has arrived to express total rejection of proposed by understand that along the lines proposed, there is a risk of great injury to all consumers in buying and selling property and cause serious backsliding on standards already laid down in current legislation. The proposal is in the list of economic measures evaluated as priorities by the Government.
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