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Energy traders have strong gains in 2017 and industry speeds up expansion

SÃO PAULO-electricity Marketing Companies, who work in the so-called "free market" of energy and close purchase and sale contracts with generators and large customers, such as industries, had last year one of the best performances of the story, what has driven business growth in the sector. Amidst the good results, the number of traders in the market can be in 2018 the biggest jump in years, with 36 cases for the opening of new companies in the business already underway, according to the electric energy trading Chamber (CCEE). Along 2017, the retailers won 28 companies, an expansion of 15%, the highest registered since 2012. Currently, there are 222 companies in operation in the segment. "I think, if we sort, was the best year for the traders. The vast majority of them took advantage of this trend and ended up having a very good result ", told Reuters the President of Commercial energy, Christopher Vlavianos. The company saw a high of 32% on turnover in 2017, to 1.8 billion reais. According to the Executive, this good performance of shopping malls and other retailers was helped by regulatory changes that made more predictable evolution of prices on the free market of electricity along 2017. These amendments, which came into force last may, aimed to make more realistic market prices, through a new calculation methodology that gives greater weight to the pessimistic scenarios of rains in the region of dams. But this new methodology has had a bullish impact on prices, which was largely anticipated by the market marketing agents, which managed to perform operations on the market to gain from the bet at a high price. "It was really a very good year for us, in line with the market in General. There was a certain predictability, and houses that have a price area, study, intelligence, managed to (hit the bet). In fact, the revenues are good expressive, "said Danilo Marchesi, a partner at Compass marketer. He did not mention billing numbers because the Compass haven't closed the financial balance of 2017. But great power have released the 2017 results also showed widely favorable numbers in marketing operations. The French saw a High Energy Brazil Engie of 88% on sales revenue of energy traders in 2017, for about 600 million reais. EDP Brazil had a 37% expansion in volume transacted by your energy marketing unit in comparison to 2016, while the average price rose 34% between one year and another. SECTOR in high good time of traders last year was also driven by a large growth in the number of clients seen since 2016, after a high of over 50% in the tariffs charged by distributors in 2015 increase the economy to the companies that decide to buy electricity on the so-called free market. This movement has done more and more investors look for business in this market, told Reuters the President of Thymos Energy consulting, João Carlos Mello. "We see large companies focused on it, banks entering the game. It's a market that will mature enough, "he said. He bet, however, that new changes provided for in the rules--such as a calculation performed every hour for prices from 2019, compared each week currently--will "funnel" sector, to make more complex operations, which may encourage a consolidation movement in the segment. "I imagine they will get some mergers, and a reduction in the number of traders. Probably in 2019 and 2020, "he said. Meanwhile, traders also take advantage to expand activities to other activities, such as consulting services, markets that are also quite heated, as the recession forces companies and industries to seek ways to save the electricity costs. "The Outlook for this year is also very good, even in terms of new business. We are growing a lot in the area of energy efficiency, solar energy, "said Vlavianos, of St. The traders also bet the number of customers on the free market of electricity will have good growth next year, since strong adjustments in rates of distributors over 2018 should propel customers to seek lower prices . The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) has recently approved more than 10% adjustments to the rates of several distributors, like Light, Enel River and Cemig, among others.
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