terça-feira, 06 de março, 2018

Ilan: Taxation of steel is bad for the world, including the U.S.

The Central Bank President, Ilan Goldfajn said on Monday that the taxation by United States on imported steel and aluminium would be a negative measure in General, affecting even the Americans themselves. "There is a specific calculation, but it is known that is detrimental not only to Brazil, but to the whole world. A tariff war, protectionism around the world. The world trade slowing will impact all over the world, it affects Brazil at the end of the day. I think it is bad even for the United States, "said Ilan in an interview with CBN radio. "What happens is there's going to be more expensive, everything will have a more", he added. The President of the BC assessed, on the other hand, that the United States can give up the onslaught on the strong negative reaction and the threat of retaliation by other Nations. This morning the President of the United States, Donald Trump, apparently suggested that Canada and Mexico may be exempted from the planned tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum if the two countries sign a new trade agreement Nafta and take other measures. Last week, Trump said that the US would apply a 25% rate on imported steel and 10% about the aluminum to protect domestic producers, announcement that shocked business partners, alarmed industry leaders and deteriorated the equity markets. In Brazil, the Ministry of industry and Commerce published note pointing out that the country should have recourse if Trump's decision is confirmed. "The Brazilian Government does not rule out possible complementary actions under multilateral and bilateral, to preserve their interests in the case" of Brazilian products be included in the measure of American trade protection, said Ministry in a statement.
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