segunda-feira, 05 de março, 2018

Itamaraty tries to convince the U.S. Government not to tax Brazilian steel

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has maintained dialogue with the Commerce Department of the United States to try to convince the U.S. Government to exclude Brazil from the protectionist measure against steel imports announced by Chairman Donald Trump. The first argument of the Itamaraty is that Brazilian steel exported to the United States is semi-finished, or be used as input in American industry sectors such as automotive. In this way, the Ministry argues that the two markets are complementary and, thus, there would be no because claim national security problem, as was the justification of Trump. In addition, the Foreign Ministry argues that the brazilian steel industry is a big importer of coal from the United States. The restriction on the import of Brazilian steel would lead necessarily to a reduction in imports of coal by Brazil. The Foreign Ministry notes that there is no precedent for the use of the device from homeland security to adopt protectionist measures. Therefore, it is not known how the issue would be addressed in Trade Organization (WTO). The position of the Brazilian Government, for now, is expected on whether the Government will implement the decision to Trump major steel. If the measure is implemented, the Government will decide which will be the brazilian reaction. Trump's announcement was not a surprise to the Itamaraty, who has accompanied the studies that have been made in the Department of Commerce of the United States. Besides, according to a diplomat, "Trump is not doing nothing I haven't announced the campaign".
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