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Cost of the basic basket has 12 capital reduction according to the Dieese

The basic basket cost decreased in 12 capitals in March, according to data from the national survey of the Basic Food Basket, from the Inter-Union Department of statistics during and socioeconomic studies (Dieese). The capitals with major falls were Salvador (-4.07%), Recife (-3.82%) and Bethlehem (-3.24%). The largest positive rates were recorded in the cities of Campo Grande (2.60%) and Curitiba (2.22%). The capitals with the most expensive baskets were Rio de Janeiro (R $441.19), São Paulo (R $437.84), Porto Alegre (R $434.70) and Florianópolis (R $426.79). The lowest values were found in Salvador (R $322.88) and Aracaju (R $339.77). Between March 2017 and the same month of 2018, average prices of the basket fell in 16 cities, especially Salvador (7.66%)-Goiânia (-7.18%) and Bethlehem (-6.89%). The high were recorded in four capitals. The most significant took place in Curitiba (3.11%) and Rio de Janeiro (2.29%).
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