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Diesel and gas Petrobras renew maxims

SAO PAULO-The diesel and petrol prices charged by Petrobras refineries will be raised on Tuesday to the highest levels since the oil company began in July last year, a new systematic formation of quotes, with adjustments almost journals. The value of diesel, fuel consumed in the country, will be elevated in 0,76%, for real 1.9988 per liter, while that of gasoline will go into real high 1.7229 0,92%. The prices of these fuels come renewing maxims since last week in the wake of gains in the oil and gas market abroad, because of production cuts by OPEC-led, global demand strengthened and, more recently, strains geopolitics in the Middle East and the strengthening of the dollar against the real. Petrobras ' diesel advanced 6,4% just last week, while gasoline gained 3,8% in the same period. The pricing policy of the oil company aims to follow the international fluctuations in the markets of oil and its derivatives, among other factors, so try to maintain some parity in the outside world. Since the beginning of this new rules in July, diesel and gasoline refineries of Petrobras rose 26.8 and 24,5%, respectively. In a note at the end of the day, Petrobras stated on your site that does not have the power to form prices of commodities such as fuel. "What the company does is reflect this price change of the international market. As the value of such fuels follows the international trend, there may be maintenance, reduction or increase in prices in the refineries and terminals, "said the company. Petrobras reiterated that the price revisions made by Petrobras may or may not be reflected in the final price to the consumer. "As the brazilian legislation guarantees freedom of market prices of fuels and derivatives, the change in the final price will depend on transfers made by other members of the chain of fuels." POSTS in the bombs, the adjustments by distributors and resellers have not adapted to those made by Petrobras in the last week. By the most recent data of the ANP regulatory, the average price of gasoline in Brazil closed the week in actual 4.208 per litre, low light before the actual 4.217 week immediately preceding. In parallel, diesel recorded national average last week of real high 3.410 0,41% against the previous period. The price of fuel stations, according to the NPA, are in historic maximum (without considering inflation). "The market passes it immediately. This model (Petrobras) subtracts one day, resets the other, and retail will not in the same velociadade, there's a certain inertia. Retailers need to look at your stocks, you don't have to reset every day, "said Tarcilo Rao, Director of Bioagência ethanol marketer and expert in the fuel market. "What the trend from now on? Is the gas prices stabilize or rise. Ethanol already, fall, "added Rao, referring to the direct competitor of gasoline and mentioning the greatest production of alcohol resulting from the start of the new harvest in the Center-South of Brazil. Indeed, the share of the hydrated plants of Sao Paulo, the country's leading producer, yielded 7,80% last week. The value of anhydrous, mixed in gasoline 27%, withdrew 9,3%. The bombs, the price of the hydrated closed last week on real 3.019 per litre on average, Brazil against 3.055 the week before. In Sao Paulo, where the incidence of ICMS is smaller, however, the product is in real 2.848 per litre, according to ANP. "Today, consumers look at fuel prices at the petrol station and see the price of gasoline with the numeral 4 in front and ethanol with 2 and he doesn't do a lot of care," said the Director of the Archer Consulting, Arnaldo Luiz Correa, in a report , projecting increased demand for biofuel.
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