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Dollar closes down and R$3,40 with external scene

SAO PAULO (Reuters)-the dollar closed down for the second consecutive session on Tuesday, back to the level of 3.40 dollars, tracking the movement of the American currency abroad amid the scenario of greater search for risk, but with investors still quite aware of the local political scene. The dollar retreated 0,12%, the actual 3.4080 on sale, after reaching the minimum of 3.3885 and real 3.4218 real to the maximum. In these two trading sessions, the American currency has accumulated 0,53% loss. The dollar future had low of about 0,35% in the late afternoon. "With the news quiet, for now, the outside prevailed," commented the Exchange operator of a local broker. The largest search for risk came back to Alcatraz after data showed that China's economy grew 6,8% in the first quarter, slightly higher than expected. The dollar operated virtually all day fall against most foreign currencies of emerging countries and commodity exporters, though, near the close of the market in Brazil, the breath has decreased. Internally, however, the firmer dollar appreciation against the real over the past few trading sessions guaranteed fall a bit sharper in this session if compared with other currencies correlated. A month to the day before, the dollar accumulated high 3,39% on the real, in part to concerns about the local political scene. In this session, investors also followed quite attentive to political scenario uncertain prospects for the presidential elections. "The slow recovery of the economy of the country, in addition to electoral uncertainties continue bringing instability in the markets," said the operator of Advanced Realtor, Alessandro Faganello. "For now, the election shows unpredictable, with reformist candidates not working in the polls and undermined the confidence of investors and agents." The Central Bank sold the whole batch of foreign exchange swaps traditional 3400, equivalent to the future sale of dollars, rolling 1.190 billion dollars of the total of 2.565 billion dollars that expires in May. If you keep that daily volume and sell it entirely, the BC will scroll the full value of the swaps that are due next month.
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