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Dollar closes down ante with correction

SAO PAULO (Reuters)-the dollar ended Monday with little low compared to real with lightweight fix after the recent rise, movement favored by the perception that there should be no military escalation on Syria after attack of the United States, France and United Kingdom at the end of week. The dollar retreated 0,41%, the actual 3.4120 on sale, after having fluctuated between minimum and maximum 3.4060 of real 3.4366. The dollar future had fall about 0,36%. "The US military operation (and its allies) in Syria, so far, proved to be a one-off attack and need," said one investment manager of a national brokerage. Forces of the United States, France and United Kingdom have conducted airstrikes against Syria at the beginning of Saturday (local time), in response to an attack with poison gas that killed dozens of people last week in greater intervention by Western powers against the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. With the rhetoric that there would be no more attacks and no more damning of Russia replies, together with the Syrian Government, the international markets will operate with relative freedom in this session, betting that there will be no military escalation in the region. Abroad, the dollar pushed back against the basket of currencies with investors breathing a little easier after the attacks. Before emerging countries currencies, the dollar was operating with light casualties. In the last two weeks, the dollar garnered high 3,82% before the actual, influenced by fears with local politics and elections at the end of year, in addition to a possible trade war between the United States and China. Those gains ended up generating correction movement in this session, although the breath has been limited by resource output of local markets. Domestically, investors also followed an eye on the political scene, a few months of the uncertain presidential election. This weekend, Datafolha survey showed that former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva followed in the leadership of the electoral race, a week after being trapped under the car wash operation. With Lula as candidate, Rep. Jair Bolsonaro (PSL-RJ) followed in second place. But without the PT, the former Senator Marina Silva (network) grows and touches the Member, setting technical draw. The former Minister Ciro Gomes (PDT) also grew up without the PT in the race. "It's still early, but a priori was not an encouraging research", brought the broker h. Commcor in report. The market believes Lula a candidate less committed to fiscal adjustment and someone with similar positions also disliked. The Central Bank sold the whole batch of foreign exchange swaps traditional 3400, equivalent to the future sale of dollars, rolling 1.020 billion dollars of the total of 2.565 billion dollars which are due in May. If you keep this volume and sell it entirely, the BC will scroll the full value of the swaps that are due next month.
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