quarta-feira, 04 de abril, 2018

Ethanol: 17/18 harvest average price is less than the previous season

Etanóis prices hydrated and anhydrous 17/18 harvest (Sao Paulo), officially closed the day on March 31, were below the levels observed in the previous season, in real terms (values deflated by the IGP-M February/18). Considering the CEPEA/ESALQ monthly Indicators, April/17 to March 18, the average of the hydrated, of r $1,5929/litre (No GST and no PIS/Cofins) was 3.6% lower than the 2016/17 season, in real terms. For the anhydrous, the average of the indicator was r $1,7633/litre (no PIS/Cofins) on 2017/18 season, little more than 4.1% lower than the previous season. Despite the record consumption of hydrated ethanol in some periods, the lowest prices recorded in the first half of the season (due to the greater supply of fuel) weighed on the average end of crop 2017/18. As researchers at Cepea, the most liquid of ethanol and the need for working capital of plants with low level of capitalization also influenced the falls at the beginning of the harvest.
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