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Monitor of GDP growth of 0.6% in points quarter

The Monitor of GDP-FGV, once again, points: economic growth indicators (monthly, quarterly, accumulated 12 months) are positive in February, when the comparison is made over the past year, according to data from Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) . Also in the seasonally adjusted series, in the quarter ended in February, the mobile variation was positive at 0.6%, compared to the quarter ended November 2017 mobile. However, on a monthly comparison, performed in the series with seasonal adjustment, the Monitor of the GDP-FGV signals that the GDP dropped by 0.3% in February, compared to January. "The economy is still showing growth in February: one more time all indicators showed rates above those observed in 2017. Even in the series purged of seasonal factors, the economy shows growth, when the comparison is quarterly. When the comparison is made in monthly series purged of seasonal factors, the economy presents 0.3% retraction, in February compared with January, in spite of this, the February growth rates are lower than the disclosed in January, which could mean loss of breath of the cyclical recovery, "says Claudio Monitor Coordinator considers GDP-FGV. In year-to-year comparison, GDP in the quarter ending on mobile February was positive in 1.7%, although it has slowed down with respect to quarterly mobile rate just ended in January. The gainers are the growth of processing activities (5.4%) and trade (4.7%). On the other hand, the agricultural activity dropped by 1.7% after 13 consecutive months of growth, in this comparison. With the exception of processing, all the other industrial activities showed a retraction. Already in the service sector, only Governments had a fall (-0.1%). Household consumption increased 2.5% in the quarter ended in February, mobile in year-to-year comparison. Although all components of household consumption have presented positive rates, there was slowing growth compared with the quarterly rate considers mobile in January. The exception was the consumption of durable products which grew by 12.6% in the quarter ended in February, and had grown 8.9% in the quarter ended Jan. Gross fixed capital formation (GFCF) remains on upward trajectory with growth of 4.4% in the quarter ended in February, mobile in year-to-year comparison. Once again, the great performance of GFCF is mainly the machinery and equipment that grew 17.2% this quarter. The construction continues in retraction (-1.8%) and the other group of GFCF is stable (-0.1%). The investment rate (GFCF/GDP) at constant prices was 17.8% in February 2018. The export increased 5.5% in the quarter ended in February, mobile in year-to-year comparison. The export of agricultural products continues to be featured with growth of 39.1% followed by capital goods (37.8%). On the other hand, the export of products of mineral extraction follows in retraction reaching 21.6%, lowest rate registered since the quarter ended in June 2013 mobile (-25.6%), explained, mainly by the drop in the export of iron ore. On the other hand, imports grew by 2.8% in the quarter ended February mobile. Calls attention to the performance of the import of agricultural products which shrank 16.4%. To highlight positive, the imports of services grew by 8.1% in this comparison. In monetary terms, the GDP in current values reached approximately 1 trillion, 88 billion, 593 million dollars in the year to February 2018.
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