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The Qualifying heats, pulp, valued at up to £ $1.8 billion

After the Union between Suzano and Fibria, who created the world's largest pulp company, another important industry business is close to being closed. The talks for the sale of Qualifying, the Lwart group, are advanced, it was the ' State ' with two sources familiar with the matter. The value of the operation, which belongs to the family Trecenti and is headquartered in Lençóis Paulista (SP), is estimated to be between R and R $1.5 billion $1.8 billion. With the departure of the family dispute Feffer, owner of the Suzano, which until then was considered the favorite to take the deal, Chile's Arauco, Portugal's Altri Asian and April are pointed as the main stakeholders. The Spanish Ence would also be keeping an eye on active, according to another source. The transaction should be completed in the first half. The negotiations between Lwarcel Suzano and were firm a few months ago, but falling apart when conversations between the Feffer and Fibria were resumed. Suzano was negotiating the purchase of 100% of the company, the State found. Sources claim that the Trecenti family does not rule out taking a minority slice of the business founded in the year 1980. With a production capacity of 250,000 tons, cellulose company paulista has a plan to produce more 1 million tons. This project, which will be assumed by the new controller, is estimated at about $ $1.5 billion, according to market experts. The purchase of Qualifying plant coming up, however, in the water of the region limitations, according to the same sources. Last active relevant Lwarcel is considered strategic assets for investors who still look the Brazil to make expansion. Consolidation with Fibria put Suzano in another level, to create a global giant. Another important operation closed last year in the pulp sector was the purchase of Eldorado by the company Paper Excellence, family Indonesia Wadjaja. The Eldorado, which is controlled by the holding company J&F, of the brothers, was played by prominent investors who planned to do expansion in the Brazilian market, one of the most competitive in the world. The total value of the asset was valued at R $15 billion. The Union between Fibria and Suzano will result in a company of R $84 billion. Sought, Arauco, Altri and Ence did not return requests for interviews. Lwarcel maintains the same statement released earlier in the year that it is in talks with potential investors. Suzano had no comment. Founded in 1975, the group is a reference in the country in re-refining, fuel oil with use of lubricant used in automobiles and machinery.
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