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U.s. must fix quota for Brazilian steel

The United States indicated to Brazil who will adopt a quota system for the entry of imported steel tariff without restriction. The signal was given by the U.S. Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, in a meeting with the Foreign Minister, Aloysio Nunes Ferreira. In the conversation, the Secretary acknowledged that Brazil is not a problem for Washington on the issue of steel and, therefore, have the benefit. The Brazilian Government has celebrated. After the commercial crisis caused by Government Donald Trump to overtax the entry of imported steel at 25%, the imbroglio seems to start to resolve. On Thursday, 12, Ross indicated that Washington has an interest in quickly resolve the situation of Brazil on the theme and proposed the adoption of a quota system for steel from countries which are not considered a problem. Brazil and South Korea were mentioned, and conversations with the North Koreans are more advanced. Representatives of the two Governments are in Lima, Peru, to attend the VIII Summit of the Americas. No problems in the new quota system, Washington will adopt any surcharge for steel laid down in each country's quota. The solution should not benefit China, India and Russia. Shares of steelmakers reacted positively and closed the day at an all-time high. The Chancellor, the American Secretary acknowledged that the Brazil steel is not a problem for the Government Trump. The argument is that, despite being exporter of the product, the business relationship between the two countries is favorable to the United States. In addition, Brazilian companies have investments in the country, including generating jobs in the steel segment. The Brazilian Government believes that the new system should be announced by the end of the month-when the temporary exemption to the material coming from Brazil. If negotiations extend, the Secretary of the United States indicated to Brazil that possible surcharge would have tax compensation later.
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