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BC plays with more strength and dollar closes in the fall before the actual

SAO PAULO (Reuters)-after touching level of 3.55 Reals and lead the Central Bank to act more forcefully in the foreign exchange market, the dollar closed Thursday at low, helped also by relief in the foreign market. The dollar retreated 0,52%, the actual 3.5305 on sale, after rising the day before 1,30%, the highest level in almost two years and close to 3.55 reais. In the slightest, the dollar was the real 3.5219 and, to the maximum, the real 3.5677. The dollar fell about future of 0,65% in the late afternoon. "The BC showed discomfort with the level of the currency, but it is a timely relief," said the operator of Advanced Realtor, Alessandro Faganello. Last night, the Central Bank has indicated that it will offer traditional foreign exchange swaps amount — equivalent to the future sale of dollars — higher than the required for full maturity June scroll "to soften movements in the foreign exchange market". In this session, sold the full offer of up to 8,900 thousand contracts in swaps, adding the equivalent of 445 million dollars of the total 5.650 billion dollars due in June. If you keep and sell that daily volume by the end of the month, the Central Bank put 8.455 billion in swaps. "The high here has to do with the dollar in the world. That's why the dollar is seeking new heights. I don't see the real 3.30, "said Chief Economist at banco Fator, José Francisco Gonçalves. Between February and April, the dollar garnered high 10% on the real, and just last month jumped 6,16%. One of the main reasons for high American currency in the world is the possibility of the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, raise more interest than initially expected, drawing for the world's largest economy funds invested today in financial centres considered most at risk, as the brazilian. The day before, the Fed didn't change your interest rate and expressed confidence that the recent increase in inflation to close to the goal of 2% will be supported. The Fed currently provides two more increases in interest rates this year, although an increasing number of authorities see three as possible. The market will be attentive to new figures on the US economy, which has shown strength. The next day, will be released numbers on the job market outside the agricultural sector. Abroad, the dollar fell against a basket of currencies in this session, in a profit-taking, and also against part of the emerging countries, as the South African rand and the ruble. The local political scene also continued weighing on the market, given the uncertainty that surrounds the October presidential election. Investors fear that a candidate who they consider less committed to fiscal adjustment can be elected. Won on Thursday 2 billion at auction, sale of dollars with repurchase commitment, but the Central Bank did not announce such auction.
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