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Dollar falls and goes down to R$3,70 with b.c. 's intervention

SAO PAULO (Reuters)-the stronger performance of the Central Bank in the foreign exchange market and the warning that could go beyond work and the dollar closed Monday with more than 1% and fall below the level of 3.70 dollars, after rising in the six previous sessions di before the foreign scene. The dollar retreated 1,35%, the actual 3.6890 on sale, having beaten real 3.6808 in the day's minimum dollar future had low of about 1,35% at the end of the day in the six previous sessions., the dollar had climbed and accumulated appreciation of 5,44% , coming close to the level of actual 3.80. "The BC, which was quite criticized last week, showed the guys to try to contain the volatility of the dollar", brought the Correparti Brokerage in a report. On Friday night, after the closing of the markets, the Central Bank has stepped up for the second week in a row, the action in the foreign exchange market, tripling the offer of new currency swaps and noted that your performance was separated from monetary policy. And he added that reserved the "right to perform discretionary activities, if necessary". Last week, the Central Bank sold a day only 5000 new swaps — equivalent to the future sale of dollars. In this session, then the Monetary Authority sold the total offer of up to 15000 new swaps totaling 2 billion dollars in new contracts. The Central Bank also sold fully 4,225 swaps contracts for scrolling to win in June, for a total of 5.650 billion dollars. With that, I rolled 4.383 billion dollars. If you keep and sell this volume by the end of the month, you have rolled all the contracts that expire next month. "The BC left new offers on hold, what makes the market down a bit," said the operator of a local broker to ponder. From April until the last trading session, the U.S. currency had climbed almost 45 cents, or just over 13% against real, amid the perception that interest in the United States may rise more strongly than initially expected. High rates in the world's largest economy have the potential to attract funds invested today in other markets, like the Brazilian, considered most at risk. Despite the firmer performance of the BC, the high trajectory of American currency has not been changed, evaluated experts heard by the Reuters. This not only because of the prospect of more interest in the United States, but also on domestic challenges, with a lot of undefined elections ahead. The retreat of the dollar in the domestic market in this session counted with the help of outside, where the American currency was pushed back against currencies of emerging countries and prowled the stability against basket of currencies.
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